Thursday, December 11, 2008


Circumcision of the male sex Penis is the most important ritual in Jewry. This foremost important ritual was hardly ever discussed amongst the public in the Middle Ages, or later. But amongst the higher class of the people there reigned a certain mystery about the whys and hows of this peculiar Jewish blood ritual.

Ditlieb Felderer's theory has been that Christianity did not spontaneously spring up out of nowhere, but that that it was a calculated, methodical act for Goyims, non-Jews to accept their dogma of them being God's Chosen People, a repulsive, racist, primitive Supremacy cult. In that way, Goyims would gladly serve their masters without realizing it. Hence, Christianity is not the anti-thesis, the opposite to Jewry, but its very petroleum, its fuel, for without Christianity there is no Jewry. That makes the talk about Judeo-Christian society dogma pure balderdash. That also makes it, that such scholars as Eisenmenger and others must be reread. Many of these scholars became themselves victims of the Jewish Genocide Supremacy cult.

But the first one to bring argument against this theory, was, Ditlieb Felderer himself, for, how could such a scheme not from the very start end up with that the Jews no longer held the power, and hence, the sure destruction of their Supremacy? What assured them, that under these circumstances still be in control of the ship? This was a troubled question. Was there an answer to it?

There is, and that is the Jewish ritual of Circumcision, that of, cutting away parts of the male sex Penis. Through this ritual, done in full secrecy for centuries by the Jews, the Jews were assured full control of the ship, even if tempestuous weather did occur.

You can read more about it here, and in other places. Hence, finally at last, the Jewish Supremacy ploy can now be understood and the riddle of their importance all through some two thousand years, is, no longer a mystery.

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