Sunday, December 14, 2008


The origin of Christianity has been a constant riddle to investigators. Numerous theories have been proposed, the main being that Christianity was a kind of revolt to Judaism and spread while severe persecution of the faith by traditional Jewry took place. Hence, Christianity was an antithesis to Judaism, and from this came anti-Semitism.

Ditlieb Felderer has proposed a different course. That Christianity was not an opposite, but a calculated, methodically worked out plot to make Goyim slaves for the Chosen People without them realizing it.

But this theory also had some difficulties, and for Ditlieb Felderer it was a task to solve the riddle. For some time he feels the riddle has been solved, and in this Blog and others, the thesis is elaborated.

The ID card, the Fire Wall, to not lose Jewry to the Goyim was Circumcision. As only Jews were circumcised, with exception of possible some others, the Jews could maintain Supremacy in all major issues as only the circumcised were allowed major decisions.

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