Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Origin of Christianity has hitherto been shrouded in mystery. It was first in the l970's that a few people, with Ditlieb Felderer at the forefront started to doubt many of the Orthodox reasonings behind its origin, that some real breakthrough was made.

His theory goes out on that Christianity was a methodical, calculated scheme by Jews to gain supremacy over Goyims. As history moved on, this secret and calculated move got its own problems but always managed to get out of it due to its secret inner workings. That means, that to suffer Pogroms was a payment they had to suffer through, but one must not forget, that, Jews themselves persecuted one another through their different sects, even killing each other and committing massacres.

The test of time will show whether Ditlieb Felderer's theory is correct but there is going to be a hard time in trying to break this theory, for certainly, some good reason must be given, why this horrible faith of Jewry became accepted by Goyims, be that under which garb they may call themselves, all which basically are nothing but smokescreens put up to confuse investigators.

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