Friday, December 12, 2008


The group, lead by a small clique of confused men, understandably supports censorship, including the destruction of the First Amendment. Like all Evangelical-Pentecostal groups they want to introduce Limited Censorship in USA, which they feel the Bible supports.

In Europe they never involve themselves with serious issues, except when it concerns their idol, Israel. Understandably they fully supported not only the Iraqi war but will support any war and bloodshed which they feel is favorable to Israel.

In Latin America places they involve themselves with all sorts of deceptions in gathering money, such as claiming to receive gold teeth, precious ornaments, and other items, obviously all fake claims. Spurious healing is another strong point, but this has been greatly hampered by the introduction of TV where the theatre of fakes become hard to hide.
They have constantly created new banks, such as in Norway and other countries. All of them failed in bankruptcy as will all new bank schemes they create. When this happens they readily find Bible texts, showing to the investors they had the expect it and that their act isn't stealing.
In the Iraqi war they invented all sorts of lies, claiming them to be ''revelations.'' Thus, Iraq of course had Mass Destructive Weapons. Anyone who disagreed was an apostate. Somewhere the alleged huge Temple stones were hidden, but finally now with these stones coming into the open, the Temple would be rebuilt on Islamic cult places. Until today, not one stone has been produced. People were asked to hand in their hard-earned money for such causes. Now, when everything has failed, money isn't returned, and can't be returned as the people behind it run away with it. This is the Churches Sarah Palin of Alaska is supposed to belong to.
They claim Israel of today is a sign that the Bible is true. The so called Jews, have returned to their former land which Jehovah God had given to his Chosen People by stealing. While defending the Iraqi war, all the leaders have cowardly refused to turn into active soldiers, and as for their children, they are just as safe at home. Hypocrisy has no stoppage here. Ditlieb Felderer, an expert in the wickedness of this religious cult has classified them as a cruel Israeli cult and front, and a nest of thieves stealing money through stealth from weak members.

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