Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today censorship reigns supreme in Europe. In spite of this Thought Terrorism imposed upon us by Europe's corrupt politicians, these corrupters strut the world round, preaching to them about their lack of Free Speech. Be that Africa, Latin America, Cuba, The Orient, India, China, Islamic countries, you name it, they are there preaching to them about our stupendous free speech, and their lack of free speech and tolerance. Adopt our glorious free speech and the world will be a better place to live!, they proclaim to surprised hearers.

This hypocrisy has to be challenged although never done, except for that the free speech they refer to is Limited Free Speech, which is no free speech at all, but that these slime ball politicians have a right to use it, and also the to use it in the way they want to use it.

To expose these hypocrites names and documents will be given. And always these scam boys will have a chance to respond if they wish, which they of course won't do as this would only show their hypocrisy and lack of tolerance and free speech.
The picture that you see of me is a tribute to my mother who gave me at the age around nine or ten a book on yoga. Trying the exercises out I found this was just the thing I liked, and later I would borrow a book on Hatha yoga from the adult part of the library. After some discussion, and as the librarian knew me as the most ardent reader - I carried the books home in a cart , she allowed me borrowing it from the adult section, and so this became a part of my life.
Yoga made me be sceptic about most things, including myself. To build up myself became an important part of my life. Mind my own business became religion. In this way I could move ahead faster than others, being fully involved with improving myself in all fields, including advanced gymnastics.
Below you will find some sites that thrown light on the world's most important subject today: The science of man living in harmony with others and his environment.
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