Thursday, December 11, 2008


For those who want to know about the power structure of times past and now, they must make a study over the theological battles of Circumcision and Baptism. This battle really came to the fore when Calvin in a most positive way, made Baptism replacing Circumcision. Thus Calvin became yet another necessary force to strongly cement Jewish Supremacy. Nothing to wonder about, seeing he argued that the babies being Gang Raped and killed as the Chosen People of God, the Jews, invaded and stole their land, deserved to be killed anyhow. So, why not getting raped before being killed? The Chosen People had to have some fun, after all.

There seems to be very little written in English about the theological struggle of Baptism and Circumcision. Yet, none can understand modern history without going into this subject for it is the very key opening up hitherto clouded events in human history.

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